[OSM-dev] New version of tiles at home

80n 80n80n at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 09:22:27 GMT 2006

A new version of the tiles at home client is now available.

The main changes are:
- Different rules files are used for each zoom level.  Levels 12 and 13 have
been modified to make major roads more visible and town names are now big
enough to read.
- Multiple instances of tiles at home can now be run simultaneously.  Those of
you with dual processors will now be able to contribute twice as much.
- The rendering stage is skipped for blank tiles, areas with sparse data
will be processed much quicker.
- A new .conf file replaces secret.txt.  Example versions are provided for
Linux and Windows, so it should be easier to get it going on Windows.
- If a tile is too large/complex to download from OSM it will attempt to
downoad the tile in smaller chunks

When you install this update you will need to discard your old
secret.txtfile and add your download/upload account details to

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