[OSM-dev] New version of tiles at home

Rhys Powell stanley12 at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Dec 5 16:19:22 GMT 2006

80n wrote:
> A new version of the tiles at home client is now available.
> The main changes are:
> - Different rules files are used for each zoom level.  Levels 12 and 13 
> have been modified to make major roads more visible and town names are 
> now big enough to read.
> - Multiple instances of tiles at home can now be run simultaneously.  Those 
> of you with dual processors will now be able to contribute twice as much.
> - The rendering stage is skipped for blank tiles, areas with sparse data 
> will be processed much quicker.
> - A new .conf file replaces secret.txt.  Example versions are provided 
> for Linux and Windows, so it should be easier to get it going on Windows.
> - If a tile is too large/complex to download from OSM it will attempt to 
> downoad the tile in smaller chunks
> When you install this update you will need to discard your old 
> secret.txt file and add your download/upload account details to 
> tilesAtHome.conf.
> 80n

Do we know if this fixes the black tile issue, or is it still an issue 
with inkscape?



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