[OSM-dev] Josm Bookmarks

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Sat Dec 9 00:48:39 GMT 2006

Hi again,

> I have proposed a solution to this. I discovered that you can append any
> rubbish to the beginning of a jar file without changing it's behaviour so
> long as that 'rubbish' doesn't contain the PKzip magic number. It is
> therefore possible to prepend a small (200k) windows executable to the
> front of a jar then call it .jar.exe. That executable can check for a
> suitable installation of java before invoking the program, if necessary
> download & install the necessary version of Java. 'java -jar
> myapp.jar.exe' will work normally.

CERTANLY NOT! I will NOT ship a file called .something.exe and get jailed
or beaten up for shipping trojans! ;-)

An MUCH better way is to just use existing stuff and e.g. setup a Java
Webstart for downloading and installing JOSM. Or even by zipping the
jar-file together with a readme.txt. Or an alternative download as a self
extracting exe (together with a JVM). Or as an windows install-shield
executable that starts downloading Java if not present after JOSM finished

However, I did not receive any questions yet of people running windows and
are unable to start JOSM because they did not download Java. All the
starting problems up to now came from Linux and especally Mac OS. So why
do you think a .jar tricks Windows user in downloading arj instead of

> [2] I have noticed new users have trouble finding their location in Josm.
> I have been considering creating a citysearch bookmark for Josm, using a
> heirachial list of country/locality/city/town.

Hm.. instead of bookmarks with every city, a binding for my search to the
geonames database (like the online search at the webpage) would be cool.
AND of course, finally move the search from the almost hidden
3-clicks-away-dialog on the toolbar.

> A recursive bookmark index of the world's towns may be easier to use, and
> take the user much closer to home.

What is a recursive bookmark? A bookmark that points to itself? ;-)

> Initially most useful for JOSM would be a citysearch bookmark if the data
> were available. In the longer term, a bookmark based on OSM data would be
> good, as this will encourage structured naming of areas.

Well, I still like a search more than clicking through tons of tree nodes..

> I can see a problem wit this; localities are named with points, where they
> are in fact areas. It is not possible to accurately derive an area
> heirachy (eg UK->England->London->Lewisham->Catford) from OSM data.

You could add a property to the point "zoom=xx" to set the zoom level when
"finding" this point in a city search. (Again, this helps most for a
SEARCH, not for the boring 5-click-excercise through a bloated
bookmark-menu ;-D )

> Also, ways all have direction. Being aware of the direction of
> ways is essential if you will be making a good map. I suggest Josm by
> default shows direction arrows on segments and has properties, layers,
> current selection and command stack visible.

What has layers, current selection and command stack to do with properties?

For the properties, I hoped a better renderer would solve the problem
better. If a lonely node is not just another red rectangle, but a small
beer mug, than people wouldn't mistreat your favourite pub for an mapping
glitch ;-).

Generally, an four-eye principle like the "recent changes" list in
wikipedia helps much more than just displaying a list of properties.

Well, nevertheless, the property dialog now defaults to on ;-)

And for the arrow thing, I have two concerns: first it is a heavy impact
in drawing speed (yes, I get complains about drawing speed too). And
second it is very confusing when zoomed a bit away, since the arrow heads
overlap. So with the current implementation, I dislike an default-on

Alternatives would be:
 - only show arrows on the current selected stuff
 - only show arrows when zoomed in to a specific level
 - add a toggle button to show/hide arrows on the toolbar by default
   (initially toggled off)

Ciao, Imi

PS: Just curious: Why exactly was this a follow-up to "JOSM plugin for
direct serial read"??? ;-)

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