[Openstreetmap-dev] Re: [Openstreetmap] Freemap-OSM v0.0.3

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Thu Jan 5 22:01:18 GMT 2006

Hello Steve,

(also moved to dev)

> > Now with road numbers and differing levels of detail at different scales.
> > See my earlier post (November) for the keys and values that Freemap-OSM
> > understands.
> Cool! Any way you can work on this in the tile server?

Will try and put the code on the dev server if I have the time. Take it it 
will then be just a case of changing the URL in the JavaScript?

> > Rather slow if at a low-resolution scale and there's lots of data - can
> > you tell the REST API to fetch gzipped data? Can't see anything in the
> > documentation.
> gzipped data is shipped to you via HTTP gzip-encoding if your HTTP
> client supports it. you can tell because the xml is unformatted. If it's
> formatted (pretty printed with tabs) then it wasn't encoded.

OK I may have to fake the header, I presume that's possible. I know that you 
can use PHP functions to read a gzip stream.


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