[Openstreetmap-dev] Contours for OSM maps

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Sun Jan 15 12:28:18 GMT 2006

Now I've got a slippy map up and running for Freemap-OSM I'd like to add 
contours. This is not as straightforward as for the previous Freemap-OSM 
(0.0.3; non-slippy) which used pre-generated contour images, but used the UK 
grid reference system for the pre-generated tiles.

Now Freemap-OSM is using purely lat/long, pre-generated tiles at given zoom 
levels are, I can see, going to be very hairy to deal with.

Thus what seems to be the best option is to dynamically generate the contours 
(what I used to do in Freemap and not as slow as it sounds, at least at the 
zoomed-in levels where contours are most important) and cache requests. 
Problem of course: this would use a lot of disc space.

Any thoughts?


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