[OSM-dev] FYI: kismet2osm.pl has bee moved

Joerg Ostertag openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Sat Jul 1 13:01:56 BST 2006

The Script Kismet2osm.pl has been renamed and moved:
It's new Name and locateion in SVN is:

The OSM-Filter script can now read the folowing FileTypes:
         - Kismet-GPS File   *.gps 
         - GpsDrive-Track    *.sav
         - GPX File          *.gpx
         - Garmin mps File   *.mps
         - Garmin gdb File   *.gdb
         - Netstumbler Files *.ns1

Filtered Output is osm and gpx

Jörg Ostertag (München)


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