[OSM-dev] Slippy map way forward -- OpenLayers and/or Mapstraction?

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Sat Jul 1 17:59:14 BST 2006

Christopher Schmidt wrote:

> > You mean as in setting a 48h timeout, that's easy to do in Squid. But
> > can you check if a BBOX has been updated?
> No. This is one of the long-term existing problems with OSM tiles in
> general though, so this isn't new to using a 'real WMS':

Wikipedia uses Squids (in USA, Korea, and the Netherlands) for 
readers who are not logged in.  But users having the login cookie 
set, always drink fresh water directly from the live PHP servers.  

Could OSM do something similar?  I.e. serve non-logged in users 
from a week-old cache, but allow logged in users to access more 
fresh data?  And would it make any difference for us?  Does OSM 
have lots of non-logged in users?  Do we know the proportions?

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