[OSM-dev] Mapgenerator Input

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 2 00:42:13 BST 2006


Thanks to some tips on IRC I compiled mapgenerator from SVN, and I'm very
happy with the result. The program allows NMEA directly as input and with
some parameters. It merges different traces in one map, which can be
viewed with a GUI tool.

Since the trace program does all the manual work (drawing roads) the only
thing for people to do is selecting segments as roads and maintaining
information about the segments.

Since MUCH data is already in OSM I find it rather stupid to move along
and fork something without a central server. Using gpsbabel every GPX
trace can be converted back to NMEA data, probably loosing some
information, but only less acurate for tracing and valid checks.

1) Would it be possible to test with the mapgenerator server?
(Is it maybe tested?)

2) Is there a way to get interopability between both software?
(Reducing draw time, get time back for metadata)

Still my preference to reduce size with curve estimation of segements is
relevant for embedded software based on the OSM data, but another issue.

I'm starting on a wiki page now:

So some screenshots can be found there based on my current work which
covers The Netherlands.

Stefan de Konink

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