[OSM-dev] Limitation on downloading ways via /map API Call

Raphaël Jacquot sxpert at esitcom.org
Mon Jul 10 09:50:54 BST 2006

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> In the meantime, all developers should be aware that downloading data
> via the /map API call will only show a maximum of about 450 segments. If
> a way has this many segments, it may be beneficial to your users to
> either mark it as 'incomplete' in your local dataset (so you don't
> upload the bad data back to OSM) or fetch the complete way using the
> /way API call, which doesn't have the same limitation.

how about modifying the API to only state which ways are available in
the area (and their tags) and not give any segments, thus forcing the
use of the /way API call ?

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