[OSM-dev] Performance

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Jul 12 12:29:35 BST 2006

Imi wrote:

> And JOSM has to parse in the received XML structure and store it in intern
> data format, which can take some seconds, especally on older machines or
> ones with low memory.

I might be suggesting something heretical here, but would it be worth  
having private APIs for such important tools as JOSM?

If osm.org could serve up the data directly in (something close to)  
JOSM's own format, without the burden of encoding it in XML and then  
expecting JOSM to decode it, this could achieve a significant speedup.  
There would of course be an extra coding/maintenance burden, but when  
a tool is so prevalent as JOSM I think it'd be worth it. And the API  
doesn't change _that_ often.

It might make it easier to sort the i18n issues too...


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