[OSM-dev] Performance

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Wed Jul 12 13:04:43 BST 2006


> I might be suggesting something heretical here, but would it be worth
> having private APIs for such important tools as JOSM?
> If osm.org could serve up the data directly in (something close to)
> JOSM's own format, without the burden of encoding it in XML and then
> expecting JOSM to decode it, this could achieve a significant speedup.
> There would of course be an extra coding/maintenance burden, but when
> a tool is so prevalent as JOSM I think it'd be worth it. And the API
> doesn't change _that_ often.

Good idea. There was a discussion about the csv format some time ago. It
vanished in the believe that XML parsing is not significant in

Before you start implementing a different API, you could do some quick
performance measurements to verify that these voices arn't correct. ;-)

> It might make it easier to sort the i18n issues too...

hm, how's that related?

Ciao, Imi

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