[OSM-dev] Annotations/OpenLayers demo

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Sun Jul 16 12:47:12 BST 2006

Have done some more work on the annotations demo at


As well as adding an annotation (in 'Annotate' mode), the OpenLayers tile 
engine now fetches annotations from the server and displays them as markers 
on the map; you can find out details on the annotation by clicking on it.

The annotations are sent back from the server in a simple XML format, inspired 
by GeoRSS; I am not using GeoRSS itself as apparently it is not designed to 
be used with tiles and bounding boxes. You can get an idea of the format by 
entering this URL:


I started developing this originally with free-map.org.uk in mind; however it 
could also form the basis for an OSM annotations layer. Does anyone 
(particularly Steve) have any comments/feedback on this? Or 
suggestions/modifications for OSM?


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