[OSM-dev] OSM Mobile output

Nick Black nickblack1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 16:30:51 BST 2006


I'm thinking about how to output data that is captured from a mobile
device so that it is useful to OSM.  I think this means that it should

*Easily input into Osmeditor and JOSM

*Contain information about the segments, pois etc including class and
attribute to allow recording of POIs and street names at a basic
level.  The idea is to allow pepple to make useful notes that augment
the capabilities of a GPS, rather than to create a mobile

So I'm wondering how best to recrod this information so as to maximise
compatibility with other OSM software.  Should I record notes to a GPX
field along with the trackpoints, waypoints etc, or should I record to
a .OSM format, or simply to a .csv or .txt file?

Any comments are appreciated - I really want to avoid producing a
program that is totally incompatible with the selection we have



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