[OSM-dev] osm pdf-atlas

OJW streetmap at blibbleblobble.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 18:59:56 BST 2006

On Tuesday 18 July 2006 08:44, Nick Black wrote:
> I see both your points here - it does kind of defeat the purpose of
> having SVN if the source is duplicated elsewhere - but then it does
> make things more accessible.  I havent used SVN very much, but it
> doesnt seem too hard.  It *is* another barrier to entry for newcommers
> though - no-one outside of the Linux or development world is likely to
> have come accross CVS before.

Maybe someone needs to go through on a regular basis checking-out stuff from 
SVN, and putting it up as a zip file somewhere for windows people to get 
easily?  (e.g. pdf-atlas.zip, osmarender.zip, osmeditor2.zip...)

Perhaps even a daily shell script on the server could do that without having 
to transfer stuff over the net...

That would give people the ability to download a whole application [set of 
files] at once using just a browser


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