[OSM-dev] osm on rails

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 15:32:13 BST 2006

> Rails developers are shackled to MVC whether they want it or not, and
> Rails is fundamentally a one-to-many RDBMS system.  How does this play
> nicely with GIS-y stuff?  With wiki versioning?  How will Rails'
> automatically-generated SQL not be *slower* than what we have right now?

I concur with Ben's thoughts here, that we should spend a little time sketching out how OSM's current, and future, functionality would be implemented in Rails. The efficiency of API calls in particular .. how much dev effort would need to be invested bypassing Rails (de-Railing?) in order to squeeze the most efficiency out of the database.

I can definitely see how Rails would help to widen development, and would be great for implementing more of the Web 2.0 gravy features we've discussed, like integrating flickr (or any other) photo geotagging, and neat visualizations and statistics on GPS tracks ala MotionBased.

But is core OpenStreetMap a different beast? I'm not a Rails-doubter, its been fantastic for Mapufacture and I'm serving kool-aid myself. But you know, the right tool for the job?

Another issue to consider, is of all the development work planned, is this the most pressing task? I don't presume to decide anyone's time, but in the scheme of things, the Web Editor seems to be the component in need of the most help. If I had the time (and I don't unfortunately) I would be starting from scratch in Flash or Ajax (Actionscript is pretty much Javascript, so take your pick).


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