[OSM-dev] osm on rails

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Thu Jul 20 16:23:58 BST 2006

* On 20-Jul-2006 at  7:33AM PDT, Mikel Maron said:
> Another issue to consider, is of all the development work planned,
> is this the most pressing task? I don't presume to decide anyone's
> time, but in the scheme of things, the Web Editor seems to be the
> component in need of the most help. If I had the time (and I don't
> unfortunately) I would be starting from scratch in Flash or Ajax
> (Actionscript is pretty much Javascript, so take your pick).

Nothing would please me more than helping to build something like on
top of OpenLayers... so please let's NOT start from scratch, ok? :)

Seriously, is anyone else interested?


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