[OSM-dev] osm on rails

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Fri Jul 21 11:06:03 BST 2006

> Another issue to consider, is of all the development work planned, is this
> the most pressing task? I don't presume to decide anyone's time, but in the
> scheme of things, the Web Editor seems to be the component in need of the
> most help. If I had the time (and I don't unfortunately) I would be
> starting from scratch in Flash or Ajax (Actionscript is pretty much
> Javascript, so take your pick).

Richard is working on an easy-to-use Flash editor, geared for constructing 

If (and only if!) people see a need for an Ajax editor in addition to 
Richard's editor and the applet, that's something I would be willing to work 


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