[OSM-dev] proposal to kill areas

Tommy Persson tpe at ida.liu.se
Sat Jul 22 23:51:14 BST 2006

Lars Aronsson <lars at aronsson.se> writes:

> Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> > > Sure, a full GIS system would use areas for administrative borders
> > > and vegetation types, but I have no plans in the foreseeable
> > > future to add that to OpenStreetMap.  Have you?
> > 
> > Yes! :-)
> For administrative borders, or for what?  What are the basic 
> operations you plan to provide for areas?  How do you get the 
> data?  Is this for TIGER import, or do you walk along city borders 
> and lake beaches with your GPS?

Since I try to do nice map of some area of Linköping I was thinking
about adding some parking lots, forrests, golf course, green areas,

> * While E18 runs all through Sweden (from Oslo to Stockholm), it 
> is not a motorway all the way.  For some part, it coincides with 
> E20.  I have not seen any guidelines for whether to create two
> overlapping "ways" for E18 and E20, containing the same line 
> segments, or to create a single way with name="E18, E20" there.
> I usually do the latter, but I haven't investigated what others 
> do.  Also, since ways must be short, I terminate the way every 
> time the road type changes, making one with class="primary" and 
> a new one with class="motorway".  Yes, I'm using "class" since I'm 
> using the edit applet.  That's yet another inconsistency.

I have been thinking about this in the context that one person adds
street name and do not know the type and another person adds the type
and do not know about street names.  In that case the rational thing
is to have one way for each property.  And in the case of E18 and E20
the same princip would give you two ways for the same property.

> * The system seems to keep line segments within a way in the order 
> they were stored, and this is good.  But there is no standardized 
> way that line segments within a way should be ordered, so every 
> user or client software can do it differently.  Good or bad?

When JOSM asks me if I want to reorder segments I have pressed Yes...

/Tommy Persson

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