[OSM-dev] Re: JOSM - segment split for node insertion - implication for ways

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Tue Mar 14 13:10:49 GMT 2006


> Once you have made a Way in JOSM you have to delete it in order to then
> delete a segment to enable a new node to be inserted and the lines
> rejoined.

Unfortunalty... yes.

Support for ways are currently very limited in JOSM, you have to delete a
way if you want to change the line segments it belongs to. Like you have
to delete a line segment to change the nodes it connect.

Editing line segments and editing ways are top priorities in the JOSM
queue but they may not make it in the 1.3 if I want to keep the release
date "tomorrow".

After 1.3, I promised Steve to work on the applet so it get property
editing and way editing running. I cannot give you a date for this (I
didn't even made up my mind about how to let the user enter ways in the
applet. Recommendations are still welcome).

> I assume at some point you will do the segment split task, will it happen
> soon?

I thought of a tab in the properties-dialog which let the user change the
list of segments in a way manually (similar to change the properties

When a line segment is selected, this displays the two nodes this segment

The "line splitting" thing is a goodie than can be build based on the new
features later (together with line combining).

Ciao, Imi.

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