[OSM-dev] Applet now featuring ways

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Sun Mar 19 23:39:42 GMT 2006


I just uploaded a new version of the applet. It isn't in a perfect stable
state, so I ask all of you with a test accout, please heavily test it.
(Those without test possiblities, get some! ;)

Most important is that someone with Java 1.4 try to compile and quick-test
the applet. I hope I did not use any calls to 1.5-only functions. (Except
one call to setAlwaysOnTop, but this is done via reflection and tested if
it is not present before ;).

new features:
- a new button for adding ways
- The 'A' button now opens a property dialog for the clicked object
    - all key/values can be edited (this includes, of course, the name)
    - segments can be removed from a way

still missing:
- ways cannot be deleted yet
- you cannot add line segments to existing ways
- you cannot change the nodes of an existing line segment

- the display is messed up for line segments that are on top of each
other. I am not very firm in processing, so maybe someone can look on
this? Should be some problems with the stroke()-transparency setting in
- deleting segments that belong to ways will do some funny things to the
- clicking on line segments that are on top of each other chooses a random
segment (which is first in memory). It should cycle through the list of
line segments (as it currently cycles through ways).
- the whole back referencing system of the different objects is fubar.
(nodes have references of their lines, lines of their ways). It does not
get updated correctly which lead to graphic problems.

Ciao, Imi.

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