[OSM-dev] Applet now featuring ways

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Mon Mar 20 00:06:26 GMT 2006

Oh one thing!

Would you mind adding some kind of zoom buttons to the applet whilst you
hack on it? Much better than the '[' and ']' keys :-)

* @ 19/03/06 11:39:42 PM immanuel.scholz at gmx.de wrote:
> Hi,
> I just uploaded a new version of the applet. It isn't in a perfect stable
> state, so I ask all of you with a test accout, please heavily test it.
> (Those without test possiblities, get some! ;)
> Most important is that someone with Java 1.4 try to compile and quick-test
> the applet. I hope I did not use any calls to 1.5-only functions. (Except
> one call to setAlwaysOnTop, but this is done via reflection and tested if
> it is not present before ;).
> new features:
> - a new button for adding ways
> - The 'A' button now opens a property dialog for the clicked object
>     - all key/values can be edited (this includes, of course, the name)
>     - segments can be removed from a way
> still missing:
> - ways cannot be deleted yet
> - you cannot add line segments to existing ways
> - you cannot change the nodes of an existing line segment
> buggy:
> - the display is messed up for line segments that are on top of each
> other. I am not very firm in processing, so maybe someone can look on
> this? Should be some problems with the stroke()-transparency setting in
> OsmApplet.draw().
> - deleting segments that belong to ways will do some funny things to the
> display
> - clicking on line segments that are on top of each other chooses a random
> segment (which is first in memory). It should cycle through the list of
> line segments (as it currently cycles through ways).
> - the whole back referencing system of the different objects is fubar.
> (nodes have references of their lines, lines of their ways). It does not
> get updated correctly which lead to graphic problems.
> Ciao, Imi.
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have fun,

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