[OSM-dev] Status of the WMS interface?

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu Mar 30 00:37:23 BST 2006

dear all, 

i have some questions about the status and future of OSM's Web Map
Service, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/WMS , which i'd like
to be able to use in a project (fixing up
http://map.wirelesslondon.info which right now uses a *really old*
version of the data available through the API, with some streetname
annotations we added ourselves, back in July before the tagging
interface was available and stable. 

This came up on irc.oftc.net#geo a few weeks ago now, and i got the
impression then that there was a layer with streets available from the
WMS service. Looking at the GetCapabilities response, there's a layer
named 'streets' and another named 'streets2'

When i request them, though, i just get back a blank image, i wondered
if this was a transparency issue, but when i request the landsat
layer as well (that should produce a composite, right?) i only get the
landsat layer back, e.g.


Am i missing something really obvious? :/

I understand that OSM has many priorities higher than this :)

But i would really appreciate a quick braindump/wikidump on what the plans 
for the WMS service are, how fragile that URL is going to be in the
future, and how it's possible, if desirable, to offer help.

best wishes,


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