[OSM-dev] Map rendering code... API or database direct?

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Thu Mar 30 08:14:54 BST 2006

OK, I plan to start hacking on the freemap code so that it's in a state 
suitable for rendering by OSM itself. The main issue at the moment is that 
ways that span several slippy map tiles disappear as they pass through tiles 
which do not contain any nodes of that way.

Would like to get some feedback on one point though. Should it interact with 
the database via the API (as a remote client would do) or direct with the 
database? Use of the API has the advantage that it would make the code more 
readable and modular, but direct interaction with the database might be 
faster? Would like to get some idea now so I don't go off down the wrong 

Looking at the existing rendering code, it appears to go through the API, 
though there is a 'streets.pl' in subversion which goes to the database 


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