[OSM-dev] Clarification on dev server problems

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Wed Nov 1 08:49:54 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 01 Nov 2006 01:16, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> Hello Steve and Nick,
> Probably a bit late in the evening now, but...
> Something seems to be up with the dev server.
> You can ssh in, but you cannot connect via HTTP.
> Apache still seems to be running.
> Nick

More info about this...

I can connect via HTTP now, but seem to be unable to connect to remote hosts 
on the internet from dev.

I discovered this as my script to overlay OSM data on New Popular Edition maps 
is unable to connect to the ustile.npemap.org server.

Also if I try to ping google.com it just sits there waiting (but I can ping 
google.com from my home box).


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