[OSM-dev] deprecation planet.openstreetmap.org

Dave osm at randomjunk.co.uk
Thu Nov 2 11:03:37 GMT 2006

> I have to admit I'm not familiar with torrents; if I wanted to download 
> planet on a regular basis what would I have to do?
If you are running linux and have bittorrent installed then you can just 
open the torrent file from the webbrowser. Alternatively the command line

|btdownloadheadless --url http://someplace/file.torrent --saveas file

|should do the trick, although it tends to spew out too much info which 
you probably want to pipe to /dev/null.
You can use btdownloadcurses instead if you want to interact, or 
btdownloadgui if you have X available.
Bittorrent is installed by default in Ubuntu.

If you're running Windows then you can probably just download bittorrent 
and open the torrent files from your webbrowser. I don't know how to 
automate it using that though.

There doesn't seem to be any activity on the planet torrent though... 
not finding any seeds or peers.

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