[OSM-dev] planetosm-to-db.pl

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Nov 7 17:33:58 GMT 2006

Just trying to install a local copy of the OSM db on a new machine.

Unfortunately planetosm-to-db.pl now requires "two bazillion f--king  
Perl modules" (ackn. Chris Lightfoot) rather than being a  
straight-out-the-box script. To get these you have to (I think) either  
install Subversion and get them that way, or download them  
file-by-file from the SVN web archive.

I can understand the need for Bit::Vector and the DBI stuff, but the  
rest seems to be making it harder to use the OSM data.

Could I suggest either that:

a) we resurrect an older version, perhaps as planet-osm-to-db-simple.pl, or
b) the Geo::OSM stuff (and the weirdly named Utils::Debug) are  
submitted to CPAN, for ease of installation?

I don't mean to knock the effort (mainly Joerg's, I think) but  
planetosm-to-db.pl used to be the easiest way to get and use OSM data,  
and I'm sad to see that lost.


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