[OSM-dev] [JOSM] new feature request - second osm layer

raphael Jacquot sxpert at sxpert.org
Thu Nov 9 14:32:12 GMT 2006

Dubravko Penezic wrote:
> Hi,
> is it possible to add second osm layer in JOSM ?
> It will be nice to have ability to use points from one (basic) layer
> in other layer with osm format.
> I improve today osmarender with new feature - drawing second layer of map data.
> This feature may help every one like me :) who like to draw second
> level of map info over existing map, like walking route, drawing
> route, bus, tram network etc.
> To create second layer of data I use JOSM cleaning existing info and
> draw new one, but I think it wouldnt be so hard to implement that in
> JOSM .
> Dubravko

what I'd like to see first is the layer list to become more like the 
gimp's list, with a button to show/hide the layer next to it's name, and 
much smaller icons, so that you can see more layers in the list at the 
same time

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