[OSM-dev] Proposed database improvement

Dean Earley dean at earlsoft.co.uk
Fri Sep 1 23:01:34 BST 2006

Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> On Thursday 31 Aug 2006 16:40, SteveC wrote:
>>it might be the small change I made to the renderer as it was crashing,
>>see last changset... nick? (W)?
> I think this (revision 1303) is wrong.
>  way.segs.each do |segid|
>  	@tagged_segments[segid.id.to_i].style = @rules.get_style(way.tags) 
>          unless way.tags.nil? or @tagged_segments[segid.id.to_i].nil?
> end
> way.segs is by my reading of the code an array of segment ids. Thus the 
> variable "segid" is a number, not an object with a field "id". I think that's 
> why ways are not rendering properly, though TBH I'd have thought that would 
> raise an error and nothing would come back at all...


< SteveC> Dee I made that quick change coz it was crashing looking for 
an id, from memory. Then it stopped crashing. I assume the bug in way 
colouring is becaue of either a) that change or b) another change that 
was commited before but only came in because I restarted apache the 
other day
< Dee> well, that was only 20 minutes before that checkin
< Dee> and it DID work ok for a short while
< SteveC> Blackadder_uk, they happened about the same time but are unrelated
< SteveC> Dee, feel free to fix or bug NIck W to fix
< Dutch_DK> Who changed the front page and put the calendar on ? IMHO, 
having the map example where the calendar is now, would be better, in 
the sense that newcomers immidieatley see what can be done, iso having 
to scroll down a bit..
< Dee> are you the only two with direct access?
< SteveC> Dee, to tile.open... ?
< Dee> yeah
< Dee> just a 30s change to see if that was the cause
< SteveC> Dee, no, only I and Nick HIll. Nick W uses dev to test his 
< almien> Dutch_DK: it was one of LA's 30 million changes this afternoon
< Dutch_DK> *sigh* Swedes.. well at least they still loose at soccer 
against us...
< Dee> can you back that out to see if it does?
< SteveC> Dee, what, 1303?
< Dee> yeah
< Dee> just that change to renderer.rb
< SteveC> Dee, ok :-/

< SteveC> Dee, changed have a test
< SteveC> Dee
< SteveC> [Fri Sep 01 22:46:35 2006] [error] mod_ruby: error in ruby
< SteveC> [Fri Sep 01 22:46:35 2006] [error] mod_ruby: 
/var/www/tile/ruby/renderer.rb:66:in `initialize': undefined method 
`to_i' for [4139057]:Array (NoMethodError)
< SteveC> [Fri Sep 01 22:46:35 2006] [error] mod_ruby:   from 
/var/www/tile/ruby/renderer.rb:65:in `initialize'
< SteveC> [Fri Sep 01 22:46:35 2006] [error] mod_ruby:   from 
/var/www/tile/ruby/renderer.rb:64:in `initialize'
< SteveC> [Fri Sep 01 22:46:35 2006] [error] mod_ruby:   from 
< SteveC> [Fri Sep 01 22:46:35 2006] [error] mod_ruby:   from 
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/apache/ruby-run.rb:53:in `handler'
  * SteveC switches back
< SteveC> Dee, theres your bug
< Dee> ok
< Dee> thanks
< SteveC> Dee, would you mind copying this to the dev list etc... maybe 
nickW will pick up on it
< Dee> ok

Next please... :)

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