[OSM-dev] Bug (?) in QHTTP --"Invalid socket specified"

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sun Sep 3 12:49:14 BST 2006

(cced to OpenStreetMap dev list)

Not sure if this is a bug in Qt 4.1.4 or a bug in my application, but I 
get a strange error happening every so often with my Qt4/QHTTP 

The application ("osmeditor2") allows you to edit OpenStreetMap, a free 
(Creative Commons-licenced) repository of free mapping data, sourced via 
GPS devices. One of the things it allows you to do is to download existing 
OpenStreetMap data in tiles: this is performed via QHTTP. As an 
alternative to downloading in tiles, you can download all map data in the 
currently-displayed area.

The error which occurs, every so often and apparently randomly is, when 
the app is making a request to the OpenStreetMap server I get this error 
at the console:

QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket supplied
QSocketNotifier: Internal error

After this, *any* further HTTP communciation is not possible without 
restarting the app.

This only appears to occur on Qt 4.1.4/Linux, not on Qt 4.0.1/Windows or 
Qt 3.3.x/Linux.

The source is at:


with the http stuff in HTTPHandler.cpp.

Any pointers here? Bug in Qt or bug in my app?

Note that if anyone wants to test, you will need to sign up for an account 
with OpenStreetMap at http://www.openstreetmap.org. One thing to bear in 
mind while testing is that you must not, under any circumstances, add any 
data from a copyrighted map (e.g. Google Maps, Ordnance Survey, national 
mapping agencies in European countries, etc)


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