[OSM-dev] Mapnik/osm2pgsql regression.

Robert Hart bathterror at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 11:01:21 BST 2007

I have occasionally tagged ways as for example both highway=residential and
leisure=park (or landuse=village_green, etc.).
This effectively creates a way that is both an area and a linear feature.

In osmarender, this renders correctly, as all rules are applied to all ways.

In mapnik, this previously only rendered the road, which was acceptable, as
these tended to be fairly insignificant green areas in the grand scheme of
things. I have now noticed that recently these ways have begun to show as
the area and not the way.

see for example:
(and switch between mapnik and osmarender, or just zoom in and out in
mapnik, unless it has rerendered since I mailed)

Is this a bug in mapnik/osm2pgsql? or is this an example of incorrect(*)


[*] of course there is no such thing as incorrect tagging. this is anarchy

Robert Hart
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