[OSM-dev] Mapnik/osm2pgsql regression.

Artem Pavlenko artem at mapnik.org
Sun Apr 1 12:00:17 BST 2007

On 1 Apr 2007, at 11:49, 80n wrote:

> For these examples it seems legitimate and correct to tag highway=  
> and leisure= on the same way.

I think having two ways (sharing nodes and links if appropriate) is  
the right answer.


> On 4/1/07, Robert Hart < bathterror at gmail.com> wrote:
> (I suppose a park or a lake in the middle of a roundabout might  
> qualify but I guess this is not what you are referring to).
> I have tagged at least two locations in this way, and can think of  
> other places where I was tempted, but opted for one of your  
> alternatives.
> The Circus, Bath. This is a well known circular road in bath which  
> has an open green area in the centre, that is used like a park,  
> particularly in the summer. There can be upwards of a 100 people  
> there. A roundabout it is not, but the green area is certainly  
> defined by the road/buildings around it.
> http://www.bathterror.free-online.co.uk/photos/Circus_panorama.jpg
> Saint James's Square, also in Bath. This is similar to the above,  
> except it is rectangular not round, and the green area is for  
> residents use only (it is fenced and gated)
> These can both be seen on:
> http://informationfreeway.org/? 
> lat=6690108.70703&lon=-263356.55791&zoom=17&layers=B00
> (although St. James's Square is (perhaps incorrectly) tagged  
> landuse=village_green, so doesn't render in tiles at home)
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