[OSM-dev] Newbie openstreetmap developer on the "Essen Developers Workshop"?

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Tue Apr 3 13:30:36 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
>> - "usability focus" - what newbies will stumble over - web page, wiki,
>> josm, ... I'll prepare a short presentation what I've stumbled over
>> getting started with openstreetmap
> Imi, the JOSM developer, is going to be there and I know from e-mail 
> discussions that he has been thinking a lot about the user interface 
> model used by JOSM, i.e. the various "modes" and what mouse clicks do 
> when you are in a certain mode and so on, and whether that should 
> perhaps be rearranged to work more like traditional graphics editors. 
> I believe he'd be very happy about the chance to discuss this with 
> someone who has experience in the field.
Well, I wouldn't call me an expert on this. However, you'll often be 
called an expert if you know just a little bit more than anyone else ;-)

However, I'm interested in that field and might be a help to imi - as I 
already have some ideas which should be easy to implement and would help 
a lot IMHO.

I think JOSM is already in a good shape and only needs some more 
> Be careful what you say about the wiki though, you'll have the job of 
> First Wiki Overhaul Editor And Co-Ordinator before you can say "no 
> thank you" ;-)
Yes, I know from other projects that's often the case. As I've found 
some wiki pages by googling for things (and not by clicking through the 
wiki), it might be the best place to spend my time on, at least for now ...

Keep in mind that's one of the first things that newbies will see from 
the project and will probably be one of the major points wether a newbie 
get's involved into the project or not.
> See you in Essen!
> Frederik
It seems I've been invited ;-)

See you in Essen,

Regards, ULFL

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