[OSM-dev] Openstreetmap.servebeer.com sends non-RFC-compliant mail

Knut Arne Bjørndal bob+osm at cakebox.net
Mon Apr 9 16:19:58 BST 2007


I tried registering on openstreetmap.servebeer.com, but the confirmation e-mail was blocked because the sending host sent an invalid HELO string.

postfix/smtpd[5220]: reject: RCPT from host-84-9-50-21.bulldogdsl.com[]: 504 <SteveC>: Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname; from=<abuse at openstreetmap.org> to=<bob at cakebox.net>

This is a common and very effective way of blocking spam, so you should send the fqdn of the host instead.

Knut Arne Bjørndal
aka Bob Kåre
bob at cakebox.net

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