[OSM-dev] It's broken, can somebody fix it?

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Tue Apr 10 12:53:13 BST 2007

Hi All

There is a problem with the data hard drive on DB so have reverted to this 
mornings backup so we may have lost data from between 5am and when the system 
became unresponsive.

The new DB will be ready for roll-out sometime in the next couple of days. The 
DB will be rather sower than usual as it is running off an ordinary hard drive 
for the time being.

Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 Apr 2007 08:28, Jens.Kammann at dlr.de wrote:
>>> restarted db, appears to be working now
>> Looks like it is hanging again (map + api).
>> Could you please restart it?
>> - Jens
> Same with me (UK)
> Nick

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