[OSM-dev] Essen / data model paper

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Apr 11 14:11:30 BST 2007


    Jochen and I have prepared a paper containing some ideas for a  
new OSM data model. The paper is still very fuzzy on details and will  
need a lot of work, but we're hoping to discuss some of the technical  
aspects at the Essen workshop and determine whether the ideas are  
sound and worth pursuing, or whether it is just a waste of time.

Those of you coming to Essen and interested in the topic: it'd be  
great if you get to read it before we meet.

Those of you not coming to Essen but still interested: We are happy  
about any comments and feedback. Feel free to read the paper and send  
feedback (preferably off-list, we'll summarize), but you can also  
wait for the results of the Essen workshop - if we don't collectively  
kill off the idea there, there will be more mature documents to read  
in the weeks after.

The paper is available as a PDF file:

and as an OpenOffice.org document:


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