[OSM-dev] Reducing size on mediawiki server

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Thu Apr 12 11:48:41 BST 2007

I converted the tables on wiki to MyIsam at 1am this morning and disabled InnoDB 
on the wiki server.

The application memory footprint has dropped from an average of around 130Mb to 
around 40Mb. More importantly, it no longer rises over time. I am hopeful the 
wiki virtual server will be much more reliable, so long as we suppress the urge 
to load more services onto it.


I have also added a basic captcha system (a reverse turing test) to stop 
vandalbots creating accounts on wiki. This test is very simple, and not 
particularly difficult for a machine to complete. If that gets broken, i'll add 
an image based captcha, and/or we could require verification by email before 
allowing edits.

Nick Hill wrote:
> Given we have trouble with services quitting on mediawiki, presumably through an 
> out of memory condition on the virtual server instance, anything we can do to 
> reduce the memory footprint of the services supporting the wiki should improve 
> reliability.

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