[OSM-dev] new mediawiki performance

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Thu Apr 12 23:41:29 BST 2007

On discussing performance issues of mediawiki on MW irc lists, I understand a 
very worthwhile performance boost can be attained by using an opcode caching system.

Such systems use additional memory (so it is just as well we freed some memory 
by disabling InnoDB).

I have installed APC http://uk.php.net/apc which stores the translated opcodes 
of PHP pages in memory. This is supposed to give a 5x improvement in throughput.

To further improve performance of APC, I have disabled stating of files (each 
invocation of mediawiki invokes dozens of PHP files) and edited parts of the 
mediawiki to give absolute paths to includes instead of relative.

The extra performance tweak of disabling stating introduces a small degree of 
brittleness in terms of the mediawiki files using absolute paths so the includes 
and languages directory can't be changed. The disabling of stating has also 
introduced the requirement to re-start apache after making changes to PHP files 
for the changes to take effect.

I hope and expect the wiki to be more reliable and faster than ever.

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