[OSM-dev] Proxy for the API

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 16 16:58:09 BST 2007

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Yesterday on IRC was talked about using a proxy for the API. In general
a proxy will give a higher uptime for many people and the chance to do
work on the backend. In contrast to 'local' mirrors for specific
countries, which may give higher uptimes for that country but in general
can lead to merging errors.

My proposal would be implement a proxy for the API these N-proxies
(location independant) can speak to each other and will be the first
line of defense against high loads.

The backends will be 'local' OSM servers. But are not directly available
for the outside world.

Each update transaction will be stored locally in the proxy until all
backends(/proxies) have been updated. I will call this the transaction
log. A transaction is valid for a specific region, requests for this
region will be offloaded to the servers that already have these updates.

In any other case, a region is free of updates, the closest, or the
server with the lowest load.

Implementation plan:

- - Get two persons make a backup mirror for the current server, make this
mirror update every hour.

- - Implement the proxy, the proxy diverts the requests to one of the

- - Implement the proxy, the proxy diverts the requests based on the
updates in the backends.

- - Implement the proxy, the proxy accepts updates and updates both
servers simultaneously.

Until the service is complete the users update the *first* server
(backend-1). Once the proxy test is in place users will move from
backend-1 to loadbalancer-1.

Shoot the idea :)

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