[OSM-dev] more admins

Matthew Newton matthew-osm at newtoncomputing.co.uk
Mon Apr 16 21:25:06 BST 2007


On Mon, Apr 16, 2007 at 03:09:46PM +0100, SteveC wrote:
> I want to do a few things to distribute server admin load.
> * Add two people to an admin group that car restart servers, add svn
> accounts and so on
> * Set up an admin list where these people can be contacted and discuss
> admin issues
> * Set up an announce list where a few people can put out pure service
> and other announcments

I'm happy to help here if I can. I administer UNIX boxes for
a living, so know the sort of stuff involved... ;)

> If you have any suggestions or thoughts along these lines we'd be glad
> to hear them. We have another server on the way also.

I mentioned a few weeks ago about the possibility of being able to host
a UML virtual machine at the University of Leicester for OSM. I've now
been given permission to do this. The VM can run on one of our HP DL380
servers and can have up to 40Gb of SAN-attached disk space.

There was talk of using it for the tiles at home project before, but the
problems there seem to be fixed now. I could set it up as a reverse
proxy for the tiles, though, if it isn't needed for anything else.

Conditions are basically that it can use up to 40Gb of disk, and that it is
provided by "me" and not IT Services - i.e. it is dependent on me working
at the university. No, I don't have plans to leave ;-). I think they'd
appreciate a link to the university site from somewhere, but that was not a
requirement at all.

Let me know if it will be useful, and I'll get a machine set up.



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