[OSM-dev] more admins

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Apr 16 23:15:55 BST 2007


> I mentioned a few weeks ago about the possibility of being able to host
> a UML virtual machine at the University of Leicester for OSM. I've now
> been given permission to do this. The VM can run on one of our HP DL380
> servers and can have up to 40Gb of SAN-attached disk space.

What I've heard at Essen it seems that one of our big bottlenecks is the 
UML thingie that currently runs the Wiki, SVN, and a bunch of other 
things, on a 256 M memory allotment, which seems a bit on the low side 
of reasonable (especially as the Wiki is responsible for serving our 
entry page).


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