[OSM-dev] Request for Comments API URL

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Apr 18 12:28:15 BST 2007


>> Why can't we suggest that URL is used, and have both work in the mean
>> time. Apache can proxy api.xxx to www.
> Because why does it help having two URLs to exactly the same thing,

Gives you the chance to switch to a different machine at any time  
without anyone having to change their setup or even noticing. Come on  
Steve, you cannot be *that* addicted to user complaints ;-)

> compared to spending 5 minutes fixing something in the rails port,  
> which
> actually has new features in it?

I don't think i t was the intention to stop you doing what you do.  
What Nick was talking about can be done perfectly well *after* 0.4 is  
out the door, and can also be done to either the current or the 0.4  
API without even interfering with them (apart from maybe changing  
their port), and without needing your help (provided he has root on  
the machine).

I thought Nick just wanted to ask whether it is a good idea to have  
an extra hostname for the API, and I said of course it is. I wasn't  
attempting to re-allocate your time, nor could I.


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