[OSM-dev] Spell check data to a file

Jonas Svensson jonass at lysator.liu.se
Fri Apr 20 18:11:53 BST 2007

On 20 Apr 2007 at 13:56, Francisco R. Santos wrote:

> Hi Jonas,
> I have made a JOSM plugin that detects and fixes some common errors while
> editing. Among this errors, I check for misspelled key properties, using
> your wiki speller word list (great compilation, by the way!)
> However, I have to issue a new version every time this word list changes,
> cause it is a html page in the wiki and I have to copy&paste the words in a
> file inside my plugin. I was thinking: could you move these data to an
> external file, in SVN or other external site? This way, whenever you update
> the data, it can be imported automatically in the plugin.
> Thanks and regards,
> Quico

Sure, I could move it to SVN. Who can give me an account? Any 
suggestions on suitable path in the repository?


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