[OSM-dev] How to change maplint tests (was: T at H maplint unknown tags test)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Apr 21 04:13:52 BST 2007


> In an effort to help clean up the lint, my first step has been to try 
> and remove the lint caused by old lint checks, and as my first step I've 
> made a patch for the tests.xsl including in T at H that updates the 
> unknown-tags test to include all keys from map features...

I have commited your change to the t at h SVN. I could not directly apply 
the patch because someone had meanwhile added "motorcar" to the list of 
allowed tags and this caused the patch to fail.

Did you create the tests.xsl manually?

The following procedure is recommended for changing or adding maplint tests:

* Install the standalone maplint.
* Make your changes to the individual files in the tests subdirectory.
* Run "make" to create tests.xsl from the individual files.

Unfortunately, we have already let the standalone maplint distribution 
and the tests.xsl used for tiles at home diverge a bit, as people (like I 
did just now) have changed one but not the other.

The tests.xsl should really be viewed as a "binary", and all changes 
should be done to the source - which are much easier to read and maintain.


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