[OSM-dev] New t at h client with local map feature

Hakan Tandogan hakan at gurkensalat.com
Sun Apr 22 17:55:16 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
>    I'm always undecided where to post t at h client things... talk or
> dev?
> Anyway, I think some folks (hi Hakan) may be interested in the

Thanks ;-)

> following change I've just uploaded to SVN: You can now set a
> "LocalSlippymap" parameter in your tiles at home config file which will 
> cause the program to write your tiles into a tree structure suitable
> for use with an OpenLayers "likeGoogle" layer. This is a nice thing
> if you want to "roll your own" slippy map for a local area, maybe
> with different style sheets than the global layer has.

Now I can remove some of the hacks I had in my local setup (the shell 
scripts around my t at h copy the rendered tiles if they are in a specific 
area, like "in turkey" or "around germering"), but I never got around to 
set up a specialized slippy map for that...

Another thing to look into ;-)


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