[OSM-dev] Blue sea for tiles at home

Nick usenet at tenhairypenguins.co.uk
Tue Apr 24 11:54:30 BST 2007

In article <276119D3-B775-4388-803E-A34207DA1E30 at remote.org>,
Frederik Ramm  <frederik at remote.org> wrote:
>Looking at the various maps on the wall here in my office (we are a  
>software firm and use them purely as decoration) it seems that the  
>pros either use the same blue for every body of water, or they have  
>different levels of blue for varying depths of the sea, the blue  
>gradually becoming white as it comes near the shore. But they are  
>fuzzy on details, e.g. the OS wall map "British Isles, Physical" has  
>the River Thames as a white-ish part of the North Sea up until  
>Richmond, where the North Sea ends and a dark blue river begins. The  
>same for the River Humber, which on our map is dark blue until it  
>meets the coastline - on the OS wall map it is white-ish North Sea   
>much further inland, until a few miles past the point where it forks  
>into two.

It shouldn't be a problem to trace such data in from out-of-copyright
maritime charts, I suppose.


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