[OSM-dev] Blue sea for tiles at home

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Apr 24 11:35:43 BST 2007


> This is great work.  The results really look good, and the approach  
> taken appears to be the right one.

Glad you like it. Personally I can't wait to do the first lowzoom  
passes in a few days or so, hoping that we'll have anice lookin  
Europe at least by then!

> The colour used for the sea is slightly lighter blue than that used  
> for rivers.  At the mouth of large rivers there is a clear boundary  
> between sea and river.  Is this desirable or should one or the  
> other be changed so that all water is the same colour everywhere?

Maybe a question for the seasoned cartographers among us. I chose the  
lighter blue because the dark one used for rivers seemed too massive  
for such large areas, but that was just a hunch and if people want to  
change it, I have no reservations.

Looking at the various maps on the wall here in my office (we are a  
software firm and use them purely as decoration) it seems that the  
pros either use the same blue for every body of water, or they have  
different levels of blue for varying depths of the sea, the blue  
gradually becoming white as it comes near the shore. But they are  
fuzzy on details, e.g. the OS wall map "British Isles, Physical" has  
the River Thames as a white-ish part of the North Sea up until  
Richmond, where the North Sea ends and a dark blue river begins. The  
same for the River Humber, which on our map is dark blue until it  
meets the coastline - on the OS wall map it is white-ish North Sea   
much further inland, until a few miles past the point where it forks  
into two.


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