[OSM-dev] First osmarender patch: cemetery pattern background

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Wed Apr 25 13:06:40 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Looks nice to me! Only thing I am not sure about is whether the cross- 
> type pattern is maybe a specifically Christian marking, and other  
> religions who also have cemeteries might be offended. If this is the  
> case then we might have to start using the same tags used for  
> "place_of_worship" (i.e. landuse=cemetery, religion=christian) and  
> then only use your special pattern if it says Christian.

I am not sure of this as well. On the one hand, I've seen this symbol in 
maps in the legend for cemeteries, but we could of course special case 
this for religion=christian cemeteries.

After some discussion on IRC, I came up with a simple, hopefully 
religion-agnostic tombstone symbol (grey square with rounded top corners).

Find below the patch. If it looks good, I would be happy if somebody 
checked that in. I don't have commit access.


Index: rules/standard.xml
--- rules/standard.xml  (Revision 2659)
+++ rules/standard.xml  (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -1777,7 +1777,7 @@

              .landuse-cemetery {
-                fill: #bde3cb;
+                fill: url(#cemetery-pattern);
                  stroke: #eeeeee;
                  stroke-width: 0.2px;
@@ -2050,6 +2050,13 @@

+        <svg:pattern id="cemetery-pattern" x="0" y="0" width="10" 
height="10" patternUnits="userSpaceOnUse">
+           <svg:rect fill="#bde3cb" width="10" height="10" x="0" y="0" />
+            <svg:path stroke="none" stroke-width="0.2" d="M1,1 L3,1 
M2,0 L2,3 M6,6 L8,6 M7,5 L7,8"/>
+    <svg:path fill="#919191" stroke-width="0.1" d="M 
1.4873917,0.1331441 C 2.1237597,0.1331441 2.6360705,0.6454548 
2.6360705,1.2818229 L 2.6360705,4.2713334 L 0.33871298,4.2713333 L 
0.33871298,1.2818229 C 0.33871298,0.6454548 0.85102374,0.1331441 
1.4873917,0.1331441 z " />
+    <svg:path fill="#919191" stroke-width="0.1" d="M 
6.6417195,5.7808143 C 7.2780875,5.7808143 7.7903983,6.293125 
7.7903983,6.9294931 L 7.7903983,9.9190036 L 5.4930408,9.9190035 L 
5.4930408,6.9294931 C 5.4930408,6.293125 6.0053515,5.7808143 
6.6417195,5.7808143 z " />
+        </svg:pattern>
          <svg:pattern id="pedestrian-pattern" x="0" y="0" width="10" 
height="10" patternUnits="userSpaceOnUse">
              <svg:path d="M0,10 L10,0" fill="none" stroke="red" width="1"/>

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