[OSM-dev] First osmarender patch: cemetery pattern background

Kristian Thy thy at 42.dk
Wed Apr 25 12:39:48 BST 2007

On Wed, Apr 25, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Looks nice to me! Only thing I am not sure about is whether the cross- 
> type pattern is maybe a specifically Christian marking, and other  
> religions who also have cemeteries might be offended.

A quick survey of three Danish map providers shows that two use a
uniform colouring without symbols for cemeteries, and the third uses a
cross fill for all types of cemetery - whether nondenominational,
Christian, Jewish or Muslim. That just rubs me the wrong way.

> If this is the  
> case then we might have to start using the same tags used for  
> "place_of_worship" (i.e. landuse=cemetery, religion=christian) and  
> then only use your special pattern if it says Christian.

> I don't even know if cemeteries are usually exclusively for a certain
> faith...

They are (at least for the major monotheistic religions).

... et nemo ex vobis interrogat me: »Quo vadis?«.

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