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Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Apr 27 09:35:22 BST 2007

Kristian Thy wrote:
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>On Fri, Apr 27, Andy Robinson wrote:
>> Yes, I've pointed out before that we should turn off curve support for
>> features.
>Not all areas, surely? Parks and lakes are often smooth, for instance.
>Perhaps introduce an osmarender hint tag to disable beziering on a
>feature-by-feature basis?

Most parks I have created are done from approximation (ie landsat or basic
mapping) and hence tend to be made up of just a minimum number of nodes.
Also parks tend to have boundaries and boundaries of land are more often
than not straight lines rather than meandering curves. 
I agree with you 100% on lakes etc, these features tend naturally to have
curved boundaries.

So, from my perspective I'd probably say no curves for areas by default
except for natural water. But to override you could have curves=true in the
tagging of the area way to get the look you want with curves applied.



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