[OSM-dev] buildings

Damian Sulewski Damian.Sulewski at Uni-Dortmund.de
Fri Apr 27 09:51:03 BST 2007

> So, from my perspective I'd probably say no curves for areas by default
> except for natural water. But to override you could have curves=true in the
> tagging of the area way to get the look you want with curves applied.

we should think of the situation when an residential area ends up at a
street and uses the segments of the steet as its area way. This will
look strange if the street is in curves and the area not.

Thats why i would use curves also for areas by default with a special
tag to prevent them. 

For things which will never have curves, like buildings, is there
something else?, it should be turned off by default.



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